compatible with the Roku HD1000

Roku HD1000 HDTV Media Player



This is a music jukebox player that catalogues your music collection quickly and provides an easy-to-use interface.  It allows you to add a number of songs to a background play queue.

It is designed to run on Roku's HD1000.

This product and web site have been created independently of Roku, and therefore does not carry any express or implied Roku warranty and will not be supported by Roku Customer Support.

As my Roku PhotoBridge power supply is dead, I no longer am updating this software.

  • Plays MP3 music files
  • Catalogs MP3 music files with ID3v1.x and ID3v2.x tags
  • Categorizes music by album, artist, genre, year and song title
  • Display the song's cover art 
  • Quickly finds desired music by searching for keywords in album title, artist name, song title, or music genre
  • Supports .M3U, PLS, RMP, B4S and ASX playlists
  • Supports dynamic playlists which are based on user-defined rules

January 18, 2005   Version 1.0.6
  • Supports Roku's beta OS (2.0.x)
June 30, 2004 Version 1.0.5
  • Added option to turn off automatic rescanning at startup
  • Added arrows at the bottom right hand corner of the screen to notify the user of which keys are available for navigation
June 14, 2004 Version 1.0.4
  • Fixed scanning issues for songs with the same name as existing songs
  • Added a user interface to create/edit/delete automatic playlists
  • Pressing EXIT during scanning, does not exit (nor does it crash anymore)
  • Roku doesn't like accented characters in filename! Those songs will be skipped.
June 4, 2004 Version 1.0.3
  • View songs by album, artist, genre, year and playlist
  • View similar songs by year, artist, album and genre
  • View album cover art image (finally!)
  • Configurable placement of cover art in song info screen
  • Faster movement between buttons and lists

Known Issues with current release:

  • Needs a swapfile for music collections of thousands of songs 
  • 'Scan' sometimes thinks there are new/updated music files even though there aren't any
  • Pressing 'EXIT' during the scan process will eventually crash MusicJukebox
  • Needs an user interface for automatic playlist configuration
  • Doesn't modify static playlists through the user interface (add song/delete song)
  • Doesn't display songs in any other order than alphabetical --- needs to support ordering the list by last played, date added and most played
May 29, 2004 Version 1.0.2
  • Playlists (M3U, PLS, RMP, ASX, B4S)
  • Auto Playlists (rule-based dynamic playlists)
  • MP3's without any ID3 tag will now be loaded with their song title set to their filename 
  • Much faster scanning of music files !!
May 2, 2004 Version 1.0.1
  • Initial release

Version: 1.0.6


Q: Why does it SCAN every time I run it?
A: MusicJukebox stores its music database file ( & in the same directory as Jukebox.roku.  Make sure that Roku can write to that directory.  If you are using a Windows shared directory, then you need to make it updateable by all users.

Q: Why doesn't it find my MP3 file?
A: Perhaps your MP3 file doesn't have a TD3 tag in it.  Without an ID3 (v1 or v2) tag, there is no way of obtaining song information, thus MusicJukebox skips over that file.  Use your favourite music software on your PC/Mac to add information to that song.

Q: I don't see any cover art... What's wrong?
A: Cover art images are actually stored in the ID3v2 tag.  You must add it inside the MP3 file with your favourite MP3 software (eg. MusicMatch).  NOTE: cover art JPG images are not currently supported... Damm Bitmap.Blit(SharedMemZone) function....

Q: How do I play video MPEGs?
A: You can't !  This is a music jukebox only.

Q: MusicJukebox stops scanning and either freezes or exits and crashes.  What's up?
A: There is limited memory on Roku, so if you have a large selection of music files, you will need to use a swapfile on a fast flash media card.  The following telnet example creates a 64Mb swap file on your CF card;

   mount /dev/ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part1 /mnt/flash1 -o remount,rw,sync
   dd if=/dev/zero of=/mnt/flash1/sdk.swapfile bs=1024 count=65536
   mkswap /mnt/flash1/sdk.swapfile
   swapon /mnt/flash1/sdk.swapfile

The first and last steps need to be done again after a reboot and the middle two lines only need to be done once.

Roku Labs has also released a small program that does this automatically.  Click here to get it.

Q: This software crashes !
A: That will happen as no one is perfect.  Send me the details of the crash and make sure to reboot your HD1000 to get it back into a clean state.


Copyright © 2004,  Roy Pereira